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              Shandong Renfeng Special Materials Co.

                     Shandong Renfeng Special Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, located in Qifeng Industrial Area, Huantai County, Shandong Province, with a registered capital of 100 million yuan. The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of packaging paper, special paper, paper base and paper-like special materials for domestic and foreign markets. The company has won the honorary titles of " Top 50 Innovative High-growth Enterprises of Zibo City ", " Top 50 Industrial Enterprises of Zibo City ", " Gazelle Enterprise of Zibo City ", " Top 100 Comprehensive Enterprises of Zibo City ", " Top 100 Industry Enterprises of Zibo City ", " Specialization, Refinement, Differentiation, Innovation of Small and Medium Enterprises of Shandong Province " and so on.

              The company has successively passed ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System, ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, IATF16949 Automotive Industry Quality Management System, FSC Forest Protection System, QS Food Safety Production License, Customs AEO Senior Management System, U.S. FDA Food Sanitation System, National Tobacco Quality Supervision Food Hygiene Standard and other certification.

              The company pays attention to technology research and development, insists on innovation. With more than 70 invention patents and utility model patents, the company has won the Zibo Major Scientific and Technological Achievement Award and the Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award, and participated in the formulation of national standards for air filtration materials. The company has established a provincial enterprise technology center and set up a R&D center in Shanghai. The company hires domestic and foreign experts and scholars, cooperates with various universities and institutions, and has undertaken many technological projects such as High-tech Innovation "Double Ten" Project of Zibo City

              The company pays high attention to environmental protection, green and energy-saving work. Clean production is carried out fully, and waste water, waste gas, and solid waste are all discharged in compliance with discharge standards. The company actively explores the comprehensive utilization of green and new energy, and promotes the green, low-carbon, resource-saving and sustainable development.

              The company adheres to the business philosophy of " Honesty and Lean Work", reforms and innovates, and pursues excellence. 5S management, standardized management, equipment self-preservation management, HR management, total quality management, informatization and other lean management tools are introduced. The company is committed to bringing special fibers and paper materials into all aspects of life. We are willing to create a better future with our partners.

              Qualification certificate

              Development History

              Renfeng Paper was established
              No. 1 corrugated paper production line and wastewater recycling project successfully put into operation
              No. 2 corrugated production line goes into operation, corrugated paper capacity reaches 300,000 tons
              Changed its name to Shandong Renfeng Special Materials Co., Ltd. to expand into the field of special paper and special materials
              No. 3 machine filter paper, No. 5 machine non-woven wallpaper (later changed to high-efficiency filter material) production line put into operation, officially among the special paper, special materials field
              Zibo Huirun Heat Power Co.
              The production line of transfer printing paper base paper, food packaging paper and thermal paper base special paper for No.6 machine was successfully put into operation
              The special printing material production line of No.7 machine was put into operation, further diversified in the field of special paper, established R&D center in Shanghai and started the first phase of informationization project.
              Special paper production line of No.10 machine put into operation
              Hydrogen fuel cell carbon paper special material production line of No.11 machine successfully put into operation
              Renfeng is still continuing its expansion pace

              Company Honors

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